Oh goodness… I’m embarrassed that I haven’t shared an update with you lately! I took a temporary break from crafting to focus on other projects. Plus, I haven’t come across anything I felt compelled to make.

I’m one of those crazy types who just can’t wait until December to put up my Christmas decorations. Our living room is filled with red, green, blue, brown and yellow accents year-round, so Christmas colors match our decor perfectly.

I’m hoping to buy a few more trinkets within the next few weeks, but decorating can be darn expensive. I may wait until after the holiday to grab several discounted items for next year.

Christmas decor

My favorite new decoration? The branch tree! I purchased a sweater-inspired Target vase and filled it with branches from my parents’ yard. I used metallic spray paint for a frosted feel and added mini tree ornaments to the mix.

Christmas tree, branches

How did you (or how will you) decorate this season? Do you have any tips/tricks for finding affordable Christmas decor?