I’m making a conscious effort to reexamine my spending habits. I’m saving up for a few large purchases, so cutting costs serves as a vital step toward reaching my goals. Unfortunately, cutting spending = less pretty shoes, less home decor items and less DIY projects (because let’s face it… DIY isn’t always cheap!)

I’ve been itching for a little retail therapy, especially in the home goods department. A thrifty approach helped fulfill my needs without breaking the budget.

I picked up these great finds at an awesome Columbus thrift store, and I only spent $11!

  • The grape vine wreath cost $2. Once I add a few DIY rosettes, it’ll be the perfect fall accessory. (Stay tuned for the finished product!)
  • I love the frame’s ornate, shabby-chic look. All it needs is a coat of paint and new artwork (no offense, emo 90s girl.)

  • Milk glass makes my heart flutter. At only $2 each, I couldn’t pass these up.
  • Placing small items in clear apothecary jars = every organizational freak’s dream. I think I’ll use this jar to store cotton balls or other bathroom necessities.

Did you complete any clearance shopping/thrifting trips lately? If so, what did you find?