Seriously… where the heck did June go? As one of those weird human beings who loves humidity and always complains about being cold, I’m always sad to see summer disappear before my eyes.

Words can’t fully describe how wonderfully June treated me, so I’ll paint a picture through photos instead.

Top left: I’m hopelessly addicted to Harvest Pizzeria. I think I’d eat lunch there every day if my wallet and metabolism allowed it.

Top right: Columbus Commons does an amazing job providing food and entertainment for Cbus residents. I took advantage of the free Saturday a.m. fitness classes this month, and I plan to attend some in July, too.

Middle left: Columbus Clippers games rock, even if you don’t love baseball. Huntington Park is a gorgeous ballpark.

Middle right: I’m trying to exercise my green thumb this summer. Zinnias make a great addition to my front porch.

Bottom left and right: I explored Chicago with some of my favorite ladies earlier this month. What an incredible city!