Two months ago, I decided to light a fire under my anti-running butt and sign up for my first 5K: The Chicago Color Run.

Now that I’m in my third month of training, I must admit that I kinda, sorta enjoy this whole running thing. I even signed up for a second 5K, which I’ll run this upcoming Saturday.

I’m still not a running pro, and I don’t think I’ll ever be a marathoner. Either way, it’s fun to push my own limits and use running as an excuse to enjoy this gorgeous spring weather.

In case you’re feeling inspired and want to train for a 5K, I’m happy to share my three-month running plan with you. I’ve never been a runner beforeand I found this plan very achievable. I needed to take it very slow in the first month, especially since I have an injury-prone knee.

It’s difficult to stick to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday schedule, but I try my best to get four days in per week.

First Month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday- 1-1.5 miles

2 full miles last Sunday

Second Month

Monday, Wednesday, Friday- 2 miles

Sunday- 3-4 slow miles

Third Month 

Monday and Friday- 2 miles

Wednesday- 3 slow miles

Sunday- 4 slow miles

Running friends: What training plan did you follow to run your first 5K? Was it successful?