I haven’t owned a headboard in years, and I’m waiting until I can afford a queen bedroom set before purchasing one. In the meantime, a reclaimed storm window serves as my pseudo headboard.

Not everyone can say they own a reclaimed window, so I’m pretty darn proud of mine. Its bright white paint and shabby chic charm brighten my bedroom, and the wires hanging across it provide endless decorating opportunities. I experimented with clipping Instagram photos (I use PostalPix to print them, in case you’re wondering) and paper shapes to the “headboard,” but this approach wasn’t cutting it.

Pinterest led me to some eye-catching homemade garlands, which were made with fabric, paper and twine. I found several gorgeous fabric buntings on Etsy, but they were out of my price range. I decided to put matters in my own hands and create a DIY bunting.

I kicked off the project by heading to fabric.com. My duvet cover looks like a hydrangea garden threw up on it (in the best way possible!,) so I wanted to stay away from floral prints. I found some beauties and ordered the swatches. (Swatches were only $1.75, so ordering several prints = easy on the wallet.)

Once my fabric arrived, I got to work. I cut most swatches into squares (approximately 3″x3″) and made the rest into long, thin strips.

I tied the strips directly to the wire and used double-sided tape to adhere the bunting “flags” to it.

And voila! I absolutely love the finished product. It’s playful, fun and perfectly shabby chic.

If you’d like to create our own bunting, you could hot glue the fabric to twine. A Beautiful Mess Blog offers some great ideas for making your own garlands, too.