Around this time last year, I made a feeble attempt to become a running fiend. Several months and one knee injury later, I was back to my anti-running ways.

Until now.

I am beyond excited to say that I’m officially signed up for the 2012 Chicago Color Run! I’m hoping its short distance (5K) and gorgeous location (I couldn’t resist an opportunity to visit one of my favorite cities,) paired with my love for neon colors and need for moral support (several of my closest friends are running the race, too,) will create the perfect combination.

My *official* personal training begins this week, so please wish me luck. Believe me; I’ll need it!

Running fanatics: What tips can you share with this first-time 5K runner? (For example: What should I eat? What are the best warm ups in town? If you dealt with a knee injury, how did you overcome it?)