Since my roomie and I moved into our new place shortly after Thanksgiving, we used adorable snowflake drink coasters to protect our furniture. Now that the holidays are over and winter angst is setting in, the snowflake coasters have to go.

Pinterest offers tons of DIY coaster ideas, from modged-podged tiles to hot-glued wine corks. I decided to take my own spin on the modge podge method by spray painting tiles.

Here’s how I did it:

  • I purchased white tiles at my local home improvement store, which cost approximately $0.16 each.
  • I used painter’s tape and my trusty damask stencil (purchased several months ago to create this rockin’ wall art) to prep my tiles. I’m slightly obsessed with stripes right now, so I decorated several tiles with a simple striped pattern. (I also tried to create a chevron-inspired tile, but it didn’t turn out so hot.)
  • I painted my tiles with two coats of spray paint. I let the tiles dry for half an hour between each coat, and I removed the painter’s tape immediately after the second coat to avoid weird peeling marks.
  • Once the second coat dried, I cut felt squares (one sheet costs $0.25) and hot glued them to the tile bottoms.

Voila! Creating the coasters was incredibly easy and cheap, especially because I already had most supplies on hand. I’m pleased with the final product, but I’m anxious to see how long it takes for the paint to chip.* I’ll keep you posted!

*Update: I eventually sealed each coaster with clear spray paint to avoid chips and stains.