One of my least favorite favorite parts about decorating a space is that it’s always a work in progress. My wall art, decorative furniture and accessories always shift from room to room, depending on my needs at the time. When I moved about a month ago, it was also fun to discover how old items could find new life in my space.

Styling bookshelves and tables makes my heart giddy, but I also consider it my weakness. I’ve acquired 20+ gorgeous vases within the past few years, and I have to keep reminding myself that I need more than just vases and fake flowers to make a room pretty. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I’d look like a fake flower hoarder.

With all that said, meet my newest piece of furniture:

Hey now. I see you eye ballin' my Keurig.

My dad created this gorgeous side table as a Christmas gift. After bringing it home and trying to decide where it should “live,” I finally placed it in our dining room. It fit perfectly into the odd nook that separates our dining room, kitchen and hallway, and it matched our dining room chairs like a charm.

Finding a new home for the table was the easy part. Trying to decorate it was (and still is!) the hard part.

I started the process by bringing all my “free” items (aka items that weren’t being used in other spaces) into the dining room. I found a lamp, a hydrangea-filled vintage vase (to match our chairs,) an empty wine bottle, some Hobby Lobby finds (a $7 wood box and a $5 wire basket,) a Pier 1 straw basket, two candles and a small Ikea vase.

Then, I literally kept moving everything around until I was (semi) pleased with the result.

Here’s the final result; what are your thoughts? I was really hoping to use the straw basket in the room, but it just didn’t look right next to the other boxes and baskets. I’m digging the lamp because it’s functional in this space, but I think I need a new shade. That’s why it’s called a work in progress… right?