I’m not a Biebs fan, but I’ve had “One Less Lonely Girl” stuck in my head all day. I’m not sure why my mind is jamming to this dreaded tune on replay, but I’ll go ahead and embrace it. 15-year-old style.

I’ve been living in my new place for a little more than one month, and I’m happy to report my roommate and I love our new territory. Now that the Christmas decorations are gone and our belongings are finally settled in the space, we’re realizing what rooms desperately need a little TLC.

My 2012 decorating mantra is inspired by the Biebs himself: One less lonely girl wall. We’re living in a rental, which means every wall (with the exception of my room) is stark white. It could be worse (like the wallpaper that covered my first college apartment,) but I think we can all admit 1,000 square feet of blank white walls = boring. My roommate and I definitely aren’t afraid of color, but painting every room isn’t an option. We’ll rely on wall art to bring life to the space.

So without further adieu, here are the wall art projects I’d like to tackle in 2012:

Project one: Create a gallery wall in the dining room.

Our dining room is small, but it’s our favorite space to kick back, relax and eat some grub. Wainscoting brings a little extra flair to the otherwise dull space, but the empty wall could really use some lovin’. A mirror gallery wall would look fabulous, but mirrors usually don’t fit into my give-me-a-break-I-have-a-PR-degree budget. I see thrifting in my near future…

Project two: Find and/or create stairway wall art.

Since we have a bathroom downstairs, our guests rarely need to venture upstairs: giving us even more incentive to beautify the ground floor. Our stairway hosts a cute coat closet, which our visitors will use in Ohio’s cold winter months. The stairway opens up to the dining room, so whatever wall art we buy and/or make will need to match the room’s light blue and green theme.

Project three: Hang shelves in my bedroom.

I recently spruced up a bedroom wall with Ikea frames (see post here,) leaving the other walls looking sad. I’d like to add a few white shelves to this wall, showcasing some of my favorite photos and trinkets.

As always, I’m relying on Pinterest for some inspiration:




I’m hoping to make some progress throughout the next few months, as January and February’s cold weather usually prohibits outdoor activities anyway. I’ll keep you posted!

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