Note: 2011 is coming to a close, which means your RSS feed will be chock full of “New Year’s resolutions” posts for the next week. Instead of boring you with my lame-o health and fitness goals, I’m going to reflect on this past year. 

Isn’t it odd how the older you get, the faster time flies by? When I was in elementary school, 12 months felt like a decade. Now that I’m out of college and in my twenties, I feel like several months pass by every time I blink.

Throughout the year, I was reminded of how valuable time really is. I’m so thankful for those who chose to invest their time in me this year: whether personally or professionally. As the new year approaches, I’m reflecting on how I spent my time in 2011 and how I can ensure I don’t miss a thing in the upcoming year.

As a means to remember this year’s important moments, here’s 2011’s milestones and memorable moments:

Memorable moment one: Battling mononucleosis. 

My year started off a bit rocky. After a month of just “not feeling right” and constantly falling asleep on my couch after work (I’m not a napper, FYI,) I stumbled off to Urgent Care and found out I had mono. Seriously: Who gets mono after high school and college? Ridiculous. Many tests, milkshakes and pain killers later, I learned to stop being so stubborn about my health.

Memorable moment two: Starting a new job.

In early 2011, I left my first “big girl” job for a new venture. Despite my attempts to play it cool, I’ll admit that leaving a respected position with a great team was incredibly difficult. The transition from a state government marketing specialist to a private sector PR pro was rough, but I could not be happier with my decision. I learned that it’s important to trust your gut and take risks. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t step out on a limb and head toward the unknown.

Memorable moment three: Buying a new car.

After spending several years with my trusty Saturn Ion, I traded it in and purchased a Scion tc. I fell in love with the sporty little car as soon as I spotted it on the lot. Roxanne (yes, I name my cars) fits my personality so well, and its petite frame makes it a parallel parking machine.

Memorable moment four: Moving… again.

In 2011, I moved for the fifth time in four years. Despite the fact that I hate packing up my stuff and heading to a new space, I’m so glad I decided to make the move. I get to live in an awesome condo with a fabulous roommate and her adorable puppy. (FYI: I can also report that hiring movers is totally worth every penny spent.)

What were your most memorable moments this year? What are you looking forward to in 2012?