I love what a great gallery wall can do for a room. It’s mind boggling to see how a few frames and trinkets can bring so much personality to an otherwise bland wall.


The nearest Ikea is approximately two hours from my house, so I don’t get to visit this glorious store (aka every cheap chicka’s dream) very often. For the past year, I’ve purchased a several picture frames during each visit, hoping I’d have the inspiration/motivation to turn them into a gallery wall one day.

I recently moved to a new abode (yes… my fifth home in four years,) and my bare walls screamed for attention. After painting my bedroom taupe grey, I realized the pretty white frames found their new home.

I started the project by pulling together my gallery wall assets: two large photo frames, four medium frames, two mason jar holders and various photos/prints. I arranged each piece on my bedroom floor until I was happy with this look:

I honestly think this was the hardest part of the project, as I couldn’t choose an arrangement I liked.

Once I gave the arrangement an a-okay, my dad helped me hang each frame with 3M hanging strips (these things are pricey but genius.) I started by centering the large top frame on the wall, and then I placed the other frames around it. Each frame is 1.5″ from the next.

And just like that… voila! I’m totally loving the bright white on my warm walls.

What do you think?


Six Ikea frames: $25-ish

Prints and photos: Free

Mason jar flower holders: Free (My dad made them for me. Be jealous.)

3M medium hanging strips: $10