I usually let my fireplace mantle steal the spotlight, but the living room walls deserve a little love, too.  So instead of sitting around for an hour and pinning wall decor ideas on Pinterest, I decided to actually create something fabulous.

Once I came across this stenciled wall art idea at the Two Girls Being Crafty blog, I knew my next project was born. The whole “stencil” thing was a bit intimidating, but the blog post did say the project was easy enough for a caveman. That meant it would be easy enough for an artistically challenged chicka like me… right?

I started by painting a canvas yellow. I used spray paint, but I’m sure you could paint with a brush, too. I’m just too lazy to go through that much work.

(Note: Do not spray paint outside on a windy day. Especially when it’s autumn and leaves are falling. I learned this the hard way.) 

After the canvas dried, I positioned the stencil and went to work. The stencil did come with step-by-step directions, but I didn’t follow them. I just eyeballed it and hoped for the best.

I used antique white acrylic paint for a vintage look. I also used a sponge applicator, which kept the stencil design from looking too polished.

And voila! It’s not perfect, but I absolutely love it. The canvas fits in perfectly with the living room’s red/blue/green/brown/yellow theme.

I’d take a photo of the wall art hanging proudly, but the reason why it’s not hanging yet is another story for another day. Stay tuned!


24×30″ish canvas: $15

Damask floor/wall stencil: $17 (I had a 40 percent off coupon, so it was actually $10ish)

Yellow spray paint: $4

Acrylic paint, 2oz: $2

Paint applicator: $2.50