I’ll admit: My HGTV obsession is a little out of control.

Those who know me best understand I’m perfectly content watching “House Hunters” for several hours at a time.  And while my 20-something-year-old friends dream about their future weddings and unborn children, I’m dreaming about how I’m going to decorate my first home and whether it’ll come with a fireplace. It’s pathetic.

Meeting HGTV star Vern Yip at the September Central Ohio Home and Garden Show totally justified my obsession. He was so genuine, and he radiated passion and talent. My friend Shannon and I were absolutely smitten: in a dorky, starstruck fan kind of way. And he even laughed when I told him HGTV Design Star finalist Meg (she ended up winning the competition, by the way) was super sassy.

Vern and me at the Central Ohio Home & Garden Show. Props to Cord Camera for providing the photo.

Shannon was so excited to meet Vern, too.

Once I meet John Gidding and David Bromstad, my life will be even more complete.