When I graduated from Kent State University in 2010, I was beyond excited to walk away and never step foot on that campus ever again. I knew I’d probably visit once or twice for public relations conferences, but other than that, I had no intention of going back. I was afraid the campus would magically suck me into the world of exams, papers and presentations once again.

Despite my hesitations, I headed to Homecoming this past weekend. I never thought I’d feel sentimental about college, yet here I am, admitting that visiting Kent State really did feel like coming home. Walking around campus (in the blistering cold wind, of course) reminded me of all the amazing memories I made during those four short years. I learned more than I could ever fathom, and I made some incredible friendships along the way.

Cheers to heading home. And remembering the experiences that made you who you are today.

My college roomies and me on Kent State Homecoming Weekend 2009.

And here we are again, reunited at Kent State Homecoming 2011. Yes, I'm wearing the same hoodie in both pictures. Oops.