Unlike the general Millennial population, I’ve never wanted a tattoo. The whole needle thing is kosher with me, but I can’t choose an image I want to stamp on my body forever. Deciding where to place it is a whole other story, too.

Despite my indecisive nature, I do love getting henna tattoos at beach boardwalks and random festivals. Their temporary nature and cute designs entice me every time.

My best friends from high school and I show off our henna tattoos at Virginia Beach, circa August 2009. Yes; I'm the one with the pink toes.

My awesome mom brought me pumpkins when she visited several weeks ago, and I wanted to find a cute, easy way to decorate them. I whipped out some puffy paint and came up with this henna-inspired look.

Creating the henna-like design was a bit time consuming, but it was super easy. Aren’t they lovely?

I did notice the puffy paint comes off very easily once it dries; I’m guessing this would work better on fake pumpkins. I think the puffy paint would look awesome on white pumpkins, too.


Two large pumpkins: $2 each (My mom purchased these pumpkins in Northeast Ohio. They’d cost about $6 each in the city.)

Black puffy paint: $4