After a much needed 4-month blogging hiatus, I’m back on board.

When it comes down to it, I think my first blogging attempt failed because I wasn’t writing for me. I desperately wanted to become a rockin’ blogger who focused on PR/marketing/social media-related content, yet I constantly felt uninspired. We won’t even talk about how many half-hearted, dull drafts are wasting away in my queue right now.

I’m back in action with new branding (& she rambles perfectly describes the random content you’ll see here) and a fresh new vision. This blog’s new chapter won’t focus on my PR and marketing perspectives; it’ll highlight the other great things I love. Like coffee. And crafting. And the totally unpredictable occurrences that make life worth living.

I hope you’ll stick with me throughout this new journey. Cheers to new beginnings!