Yes: I’m way overdue on a post, and I know it. Go ahead and slap me on the hand.

I’ve tried to write several brilliant, thought-provoking posts about post-grad life and my year-long transition from college student to young PR pro in a new city… I really have. But all my attempts turned out dull, cheesy and predictable. No one wants to read that.

If you typed my current symptoms into WebMD, I’m sure it would mention some form of social media/web burnout. Reading blogs and trying to keep up with social media networks (including my new favorite, @Pinterest) can be exhausting, and that’s exactly how I feel right now.

Throughout the next few months, I plan to step away from social media so I can do a lot more listening and a lot less talking. I need to read hardcover books while basking in the sunshine. I need to divert my free time toward more face (or phone!) time and less Facebook time. I need to subscribe to more magazines. I need to discover Columbus’ nooks and crannies. And I need to rediscover what I’m passionate about.

I’ll be back to blogging once I gain a new focus for this crazy, scrambled blog of mine. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me via email!