The transition from Ohio’s cold, gloomy winter to warm, crisp spring is absolutely, positively one of my favorite parts of the year. It’s like the world comes alive as soon as the grass turns green and flowers peek up and show their true colors.

As a novice city dweller, I love the sense of community that blooms with spring. It’s fun to see so many neighbors out walking, jogging and biking around the block. But this season also brings out the worst in me, as I deal with a terrible condition.

I suffer from severe puppy envy.

I blame my puppy envy on a pet-free childhood. My parents’ first dog passed away when I was just a little tike, and they refused to purchase a new one. I then spent years pleading them for any and every pet: a horse (because my family’s 50-acre lot shouldn’t go to waste, right?,) a cat (my parents finally let me get one when I was 13, and it was hit by a car several months later) and a goat (this request didn’t fly too well.) My parents laughed and reminded me that I could get any animal I wanted when I “grew up.”

I found this shelter pup last summer, and I wanted it more than anything. Adorable, right?

Let’s fast forward to adulthood. When I graduated from college, my post-grad goals (other than getting a job, of course) were to buy a new couch and get a puppy (see this post here.) But to much dismay, every apartment I’ve lived in hasn’t allowed animals. I tried to find a pet-friendly place when I was apartment hunting last August, but time was fleeting and I couldn’t find one  in my price range.

This spring, my puppy envy is in full force. You can’t blame me for wanting one of those cute little faces to greet me when I walk in the door, love me unconditionally and allow me to strut it around the town.

So for now, I guess I’ll suck it up and play with the puppies at the park. My puppy parenting days will come someday.