It’s been about four years, and I am still trying desperately to fall in love…


with running.

Leading an active lifestyle isn’t a new concept for me. From ages 3-18, I spent countless hours at the dance studio as both a student and a teacher. But when I graduated from high school and moved far away from home, I struggled to find a consistent workout routine.

Deep down, I’ve always been secretly jealous of runners. They have killer calves and honorable determination. They crave a good run the same way I crave a good cupcake. And they’re incredibly consistent with their workouts- a discipline I lack.

I’ve made several feeble attempts to create a long-term relationship with the pavement, but I’ve come up short. I struggle to finish a 12-minute mile at the gym while the girl next to me finishes five miles without breaking a sweat. I almost feel like runners are born with an extra running gene, and the rest of us are poser wannabes.

Does anyone else share my pain, or am I alone in this world?