I recently discovered this site, which humorously uncovers the perils associated with the iPhone’s autocorrect feature. (Some of the text messages featured are PG-13, so please take note before you click away.)

As a faithful iPhone owner, I can admit that the smart phone’s autocorrect feature is both my friend and my foe. I type text messages as quickly as possible, often pressing the “send” button before proofreading my copy. Sometimes my iPhone changes the word “me” to “mr” or “ms” before I can correct it. But every time I’m lazy and type “youre,” I know the phone will correct it to “you’re” on my behalf.

Whether the iPhone gets it right or not, I’ve certainly become too reliant on this autocorrect feature.

But the beauty of it all is that I spent my school-aged years in a world without sophisticated word processing systems and smart phones, so I actually know when a word isn’t spelled correctly.

Today, elementary, middle and high-school students use fancy word processors on a daily basis while typing away on their smart phones: and I can’t help but fear their writing abilities will suffer. How will you ever fully grasp the English language if you learn it in a world where technology constantly autocorrects your mistakes?

Maybe I’m just being ridiculous. What do you think?