My close friends and family can vouch on my behalf: I like love watching home and garden television shows. Give me a few spare hours and a comfy couch, and you can bet I’ll be watching House Hunters, dreaming about my future home and every ounce of its decor.

I’ve been slightly obsessed with interior design ever since I moved into my first college apartment. I made several moves since then, and every time I find a new place to call home, I avidly search for new pieces and ways to spruce up my space.

Take a look at my latest project, which I’m really excited about. I inherited this 60-ish-year-old lamp from my grandma in 2008. I was always intrigued by its design, but its rust-orange base and equally hideous orange lampshade weren’t ideal.

After new wires and a few coats of paint (thanks dad,) this bad boy is good as new. It took me six months to find the perfect lampshade, but I’m pleased with my choice.

What should my next project be?