“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” -Helen Keller

When I wrote this post in January 2010, many friends and mentors encouraged me to explore my options in the post-grad job search.  Although I considered a career in Cleveland, Pittsburgh or Chicago, my heart was set on moving to Columbus.

After two months of interning in Columbus and searching for jobs, I am happy to announce that I am employed as a marketing and social media specialist with the State of Ohio!

Image Courtesy of dan418 at sxc.huWhen I graduated and moved to Columbus on a whim, I honestly wasn’t sure if I made the right decision.  I didn’t know what my future held, and I was afraid I’d have to move back home at the end of my summer internship.

My post-grad decision was a risk, but it was certainly one worth taking.  I feel so blessed to have an awesome network that supported me as I explored career opportunities.  I’m more than ready to begin my career!

I can think of a million posts (maybe I’m exaggerating) I’d like to write about what I learned during the post-grad job search… and I will write.  Soon.  At this point, I think I could write a book about how essential your network is when searching for internships and jobs.  But that’s another post for another day!

PR graduates: How’s your job search going?